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Middle School Level Demo

2-8 (EM) Order of Operations

Order of Operations


 LEVEL: EM – M - H


PURPOSE: To realize the need for Order of Operations and develop the basic skills of doing the correct order



           Parenthesis & Grouping Symbols


           Multiplying (L to R - either order)


           Adding (L to R – either order)



DIRECTIONS:  Simplify each expression (find the final answer) by applying the correct Order of Operations. WRITE ANSWERS ON PAPER - promotes a good "math work ethic of using mental math with paper & pencil, as well as, caluclators.


HINT: 1) Recognize that adding & subtracting are done LAST (look at them as terms). For example,             

 25 x 3 + 10 / 2

do both sides of the addition sign first,

then "put together" the two sides.

75 + 5 = 80


2) You must do the top & bottom of the grouping symbols (division line) before you can divide.  For example, before you can subtract something from 10, you have to know what it is….

   5+3   = 8 (above the line)

(22 x 2) = 8 (below the line)

now, divide 8 / 8 = 1

to finish the Grouping Symbols. Now, you have something to subtract from 10.

Last, do 10 – 1 = 9.


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